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Man at home


While developing an office design concept the first thing one should think about is its style. Crate and Barrel suggests paying attention to the classic English style, considered as ideal one for working space at home. The main features of this style are natural materials, solid furniture and muted tones. Golden color, shades of green and bordo could highlight all the key points and divide a room into separate zones. At the same time such colors wouldn’t distract attention, making color blends pleasant for the eyes. 

Room zoning ideas 

When you have chosen room and style for your future home office it's time to think how to divide room into appropriate zones as far as home office is usually destined not only for work, but also for leisure and meetings with friends.

Apart of the main work zone, there can be place for small home library equipped with 2-3 shelves with favorite books. There also should be "sofa zone", where you can take a rest in a deep chair after a hard working day and have an informal conversation with your business partner. If there is enough space it would be great to put a fireplace in the room, at least an electric one. Fire always helps to concentrate, escape from daily hustle and adds cozy atmosphere to the room. 

Furniture is a next step 

The main thing of the Masculine home office is a desk. Depending on owner's preferences, you can place a desk in the middle of the room or near the window so that its owner could get inspiration from the natural or industrial view. A desk made of solid wood – oak, walnut or teak – is timeless classic that would be on top in every period of time. 


Upholstered furniture should also be taken into consideration. Deep wing chairs, soft-seated sofas initiate to interesting conversation and help to relax after a hard working day. Furniture upholstered by leather, linen or cotton looks great in classical male office interior, supporting overall atmosphere of luxury. 

A bar cabinet, where you can place collection of drinks and beautiful glasses can be not only an alcohol storage place, but also a noticeable part of the whole interior. 


Accessories: a bright accent 


True gentleman's home office interior suggests this place to be associated not only with work, but with communication, meetings with friends, leisure and favorite things to do. 

Right accessories will help to highlight an owner's individuality; will tell about his preferences and hobbies. Thus, an avid hunter could decorate walls with weapon collection or his own trophies. While unique antique things, such as paintings, sculptures, unusual accessories could create an atmosphere of luxurious coziness. 


Modules for cigars and humidifiers or a safe for watches could not only make an integral part of interior, but also will tell guests about the owner's hobbies and preferences. The main thing is pay attention to proportions. One should remember that a home office is originally designed for work and lots of decorative elements would distract from business and negotiation with partners. 


A home office is a private room where you can both work and take a rest after every day fuss. A real masculine office is a pride for his owner and envy for guests.