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Table Setting From Crate and Barrel


Autumn has its charm. And although the golden season that we imagine in our dreams is often different from what we usually see outside the window, all the tenderness and warmth of this time of year can be embodied in the autumn table setting. Svetlana Buerakova, Business Development Director for Crate and Barrel, international interior brand, shares design and decoration ideas for dinner table setting for upcoming season.

You can find inspiration and fresh ideas for table setting all the time and everywhere, and the new season is a wonderful inspiration source. Autumn is very special in this respect: it is colorful, bright, vibrant, comfortable and welcoming in its own way. That is why the mellow autumn is a gold mine of new fresh ideas. While walking in a park or just going home from work, don’t rush, take your time, admire the beauty of the falling leaves and think about making your family happy not only with a pumpkin pie but also with warmth and coziness of a new dinner table setting.


Acorn Napkin, Harvest Dinner Plate 

A new Crate and Barrel autumncollection meets the season with mixed textures, patterns and shapes, symbolizing the change of seasons. Laying the table use rich autumn colors like burgundy, orange, indigo and dark gray combined with soft pastel shades and your table will sparkle with a rainbow of vivid hues, and your dining area will be filled with a special romantic atmosphere.


Tuscany Flatware Set and Lucera Dinnerware Set 

Textiles always set the tone for all table appointments, so first of all, decide on a tablecloth and napkins. Pumpkin Patch Tablecloth will give an autumnal mood to the entire dining area. Crate and Barrel offers different sizes for square and round tables. If your table is made of wood and you do not want to hide its beauty under a tablecloth, you can decorate it with napkins or runners. The new Crate and Barrel Textile Collection has them in different colors, textures and patterns. For example, fascinating Acorn Napkins with bright acorns scattering loud color over the dim yellow or Briar Napkins with berry-laden vines scrolling autumn colors and cotton Fallen leaves Napkins with artful autumn leaves carpet will become an ideal decoration of an autumn table. At the same time your table setting may be more moderate with not very bright textiles but none the less remain cozy and warm. In this case, one-color napkins made of cotton or linen will do.


Marin 4-Piece Place Setting 

Select dinnerware sets in September colors. Marin Dinnerware Sets are available in bright saturated colors: green, orange, burgundy. And Hue Dinnerware Collection is in soft, soothing hues: blue, creamy ivory, rosy blush pink and light-grey. Choose colors for your dinner table according to your mood. Scavo stoneware looks truly autumnal. Creamy plates with a rustic textured rim will match any interior and will help to create a soft, light, and homely atmosphere. Indigo needs your special attention. It is a favourite color trend in the coming season. This rich shade of blue is captured in Lisbon Collection. Traditional Portuguese designs and the deep tones look bold and unconventional. Annie Vase in rich luminous blue, where you can put beautiful autumn flowers, looks elegant and exciting. Such a composition will be a great decoration not only for a table, but also for every corner of your home.


Lisbon Plate Collection 

On chilly September nights, you want to wrap up in a soft warm blanket and have a cup of hot tea. That is why you should remember about mugs for your new autumnal table. You may choose matching mugs from Marin and Scavo Dinnerware Collections, but you may also find quite different bright cups specifically for tea parties. For example, an adorable Owl Mug will decorate your table, and your children will get a hoot out of the lovely owlets. And sunny Daphne Mug in blue and yellow, decorated with artful watercolor blooms, will cheer you up on rainy evenings. Can you imagine autumn celebration without a set of glasses? Everybody around the table will appreciate the elegant Serrano Glassware Collection in saturated yellow and orange.

Woven baskets where you can put seasonal fruit or bakery goods will make your table autumnal design special. Choose Hearth baskets for storing freshly baked goods: a long one for a baguette, and a round one for biscuits and buns. Opt for Whim baskets to serve fruit.


Hearth Baskets 

Napkin holders are essential tableware element. Woven napkin holders from Diego Collection will be a beautiful addition to the setting of the table. The Bendt Wire Napkin Holder with a fun, casual like-dried-wigs weave will add a truly autumnal touch. And the guests at your Halloween party will be definitely impressed by the offbeat Haunted house Napkin Holder. It is important not to overload your table with accessories, so opt for the items closest to your soul.

Creating a new tableware style, you should pay attention to cutlery. Tuscany Flatware Collection will dilute warm autumn dinner table layout with slightly cool notes. Like silver raindrops, these flatware pieces will give mysterious romanticism to your autumnal table. Marin Collection Pursuing the really special theme of romance, we cannot but mention candles. In the new season they will make truly autumnal highlights to the table setting. Candle heat and their fluctuating uneven light will help to create a special atmosphere of love and delicate romance. Decorate your dinner with wide Pillar candles, available in three colors: white, cream and orange. Candles will look unusual in decorative glasses, perfectly complementing the table setting. The autumn has its color palette, but also its aroma. That's why do decorate your evening tea party with rum, black tea, cinnamon, pumpkin or spice scented candles. And the house filled with magic aromas will become a favorite resting place for the whole family. Serrano Collection Enjoy warm and fabulous autumn with Crate and Barrel!