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The perfect home party in Crate and Barrel style


With the end of summer, it is important to fill weeks with friendly catch-ups on the weekends. Autumn – it is perfect time to arrange home parties and spend time with your family or friends. The main thing is to arrange all details: supply of soft drinks and delicious snacks, as well as taking care of the entertainment program. Crate and Barrel is happy to share valuable tips that will help create festive and cozy atmosphere.

Bar area
Everybody knows that at any party refreshing and alcoholic drinks are welcomed. Designer accessories from Crate and Barrel are so original, that they will not go unnoticed by your party. For example, lemonade can be served in five-liter dispenser Cold or dispenser from Entertaining collection, which has a capacity of 11 liters. Dispenser will help to simplify the process of serving drinks and, in addition, can become the central figure on the table.

To make sure that drinks are of right temperature, you can put the bottle in the original ice buckets. Thus, Orb champagne bucket is perfect, and if you have a large company, the drinks can be folded into Bash or Luau buckets. The classic Pacific bucket will also be useful, supplemented with Carter forceps, or ascetic Glaze bucket will decorate your party, and the guests will be satisfied with cold cocktails.
Amaze your friends and organize the supply on special bar carts. This will give the evening a special mood, and everything you need is at your fingertips. For example, Libation trolley has two levels, the lower of which can accommodate a bottle, and the top - glasses, ice bucket and other bar accessories.

For lovers of noisy companies, there are always a variety of cocktail sets, multiple sets of glasses for alcoholic drinks and a few bottles of wine. Therefore, champagne glasses, martini, margarita, miniature cups shots from the Oregon, Hip, Viv and Orb collections or Optic punch-bowl certainly become an essential attribute of your home festive receptions.

In addition, there are many small things that can decorate your holiday table. For example, the opener for beer in the form of a turtle Black and Tan Turtle Bar Tool. It is not only easy to open foamy drink, but also serve as an ideal tool for creating popular in Europe cocktail Black & Tan with light and dark beer.

Table setting for snacks 
Party with friends is usually limited to a small feast with snacks. Crate and Barrel offers many options for table setting for such an event. Festive set of six plates Party plates, which are framed in different colors of the rainbow was created specifically by designers for cheerful home games. A set of Cocktail plates of four plates with images of favorite classic cocktails is quite able to be a central element serving. Special autumnal mood at parties create dishes for snacks in the form of warm orange color of pumpkin. Pumpkin Snacks can be placed on multi-tiered dishes. Shelves rustic Rustic Tiered Fruit Basket with seasonal fruits will look great at a party in the style of "Provence". A sleek and stylish design of a two-tiered serving Cambridge tray can enhance any holiday table!

When all the formalities with the food and drinks are settled, attention should be paid to the organization of entertainment at the party. If at your party not all the guests know each other, the board games - a simple and reliable way to meet and make new appointment. Classic board games such as Bingo or poker will make sure that no one will get bored. The "Tic-Tac-Toe game ", made of marble, will please both adults and younger guests.

If you want to have a party that your guests will remember, wine tasting and cheese – is a perfect solution! For this event is the best fit of the glasses collection Vineyard for different types of wine. Proper supply of cheese is also an important point: use special slates Slate, and for more elegant marble perfect party dish with French Kitchen lid. If you are a fan of eco-style, you have to like the dish Acacia in the form of a wooden log. Pay attention to the cards for the representation of names of cheeses Chalkboard cheese markers.

The original idea of entertaining guests at a house party will be a master class on preparation of cocktails! Guests can enjoy themselves in the role of the bartender and enjoy the results of their experiments. The best assistant in this venture will bar accessories from Crate and Barrel: Copper Shaker Orb perfect mix, for example, Long Island, and Boston will make the process of preparing and filing any more glamorous cocktail. With Jigger Carter from the collection, you can measure the exact amount of the necessary ingredients, and the bar spoon Bar Spoon Muddler will gently cook bright layered cocktail. Ideas for drinks and recipes can picked from the Internet and books. We would like to draw your attention to the book of the famous bartender Jeremy LeBlanc, which presents recipes of bright, delicious cocktails, it is easy to prepare them at home!

Create an atmosphere of fun and joy with some décor. Pay attention to the floral arrangement bouquets should be small and diverse, it is important to create the stylistic unity, for example, using a series of elegant vases from Hagen, Galang or Lewis collections. To mark theme parties, hang from the door and window openings garlands: Spiderweb in the form of a web, if the theme of the party - Halloween, Jingle bell - for the New Year's holiday, Magnolia - for the soul of the meeting of old friends. Colorful cushions on the Pebble sofas and armchairs will put bright accents and design registration complete holiday.

At the homes of the true party lovers, you can find whole shelves for storing drinks and accessories. Wine shelf bottles Rack Matrix and glasses Wine bottle and glass Caddy or a box of wine Case wine rack will eliminate the need to worry about the number of drinks for guests and can be a real highlight of your interior.
The original decor, bright accessories, beautiful tableware festive and fun games from Crate and Barrel will help to create the perfect party in your home, guests will want to return again and again!